Guatemala: Lowlands, Highlands and Cultural Ecology

In a four week study abroad program, examine the ecological and cultural patterns, processes, and dynamics of Guatemala’s diverse ecosystems — the Lowlands (Petén) and the Highlands (Sololá).

Guatemala is considered the fifth biodiversity hotspot in the world. The country has 14 ecoregions ranging from mangrove forest (4 species), in both ocean littorals, dry forests and scrublands in the eastern highlands, subtropical and tropical rain forests, wetlands, cloud forests in the Verapaz region, mixed forests and pine forests in the highlands.

This program explores the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Guatemala’s Lowlands and Highlands and the relationship between traditional and contemporary human cultures and the environment.

Students interact with scientists and local experts to gain a firsthand understanding of ongoing environmental challenges and conservation efforts in an exceptionally diverse location.

Duration: 4 weeks.