Forest and Climate Change:

This program provides an understanding of Climate Change and relationships with forests and their ecosystem services, and the livelihood of the communities in a globalized world. Through both classroom and field activities, students explore and understand the impact of climate change in the forest as carbon stocks, the communities’ livelihood and how society is addressing the causes and effects of climate change through actions of mitigation, adaptation and resilience.


Understanding climate change involves being aware of how the common human actions can have a big impact on the environment and forest worldwide, causing changes in the communities depending on the forest and the world weather. As we learn the impact of climate change, we can contribute to preserve forest and reduce the effects through different personal and global actions.


Major topics of study include:

  • Climate Change and relationships with the forest and their ecosystem services.
  • Drivers of deforestation.
  • Impact of the climate change in the communities’ livelihood.

Global and local actions addressing climate change.